Best wishes

December 25, 2010 IC0902 Action news by Action Chair

Season's Greetings from IC0902

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First IC0902 Summer School

December 23, 2010 IC0902 Action news by Action Chair


The Summer School 2011 is planned to take place in Florence, July 12-15, 2011 and will be organized jointly with the European Network of Excellence ACROPOLIS.



It will be held in the beautiful setting of Villa Finaly, owned by University of Paris, Sorbonne  (

Villa Finaly is 3 km from the historic centre of Florence, on the hills of Fiesole, and only 7 km from Florence airport.

The program of the school will cover the fundamentals of cognitive and flexible radio, radio and network awareness, learning, recognition and optimization, as well as platform demonstration and training.

COST Action IC0902 will offer a number of fellowships based on academic excellence.

Watch out for upcoming updates and call for participation and fellowship application (expected by February 1, 2011).


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Abstracts of Bologna IC0902 Workshop uploaded on website

December 07, 2010 IC0902 Action news by Action Chair

Abstracts of contributions to the Bologna IC0902 Workshop (Bologna, November 23-25, 2010) are uploaded and available at:


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SECOND issue of the IC0902 newsletter is out

November 19, 2010 IC0902 Action news by Action Chair

Dear All,

From our Newsletter Editor, Adrian Kliks
I am delighted to announce that the SECOND issue of the IC0902 newsletter is out! You can find it on our website. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this issue. Your comments are most welcome . Please send me any proposals or suggestions you may have.
Remember that you can subscribe to the IC0902 newsletter please go to the IC0902 webpage and follow the instructions provided in the "Newsletter" link on the first page:

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IC0902 workshop: registration deadline NOVEMBER 3, 2010

October 11, 2010 IC0902 Action news by Action Chair

This is a kind reminder  that in order to register please send an email to Silvia Zampese ( no later than November 3.


Note that this deadline is strict for organization purpose and that is will not be possible to register after November 3.

Please follow instructions available on the wesbite under "Future meetings"

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Welcome to Croatia

October 01, 2010 IC0902 Action news by Action Chair

Professor Dina SIMUNIC has been nominated as a MC Member  to COST Action IC0902 for Croatia


A very warm welcome

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Bologna event and IC0902 MC meeting, November 23-25 2010

October 01, 2010 IC0902 Action news by Action Chair

Hi All,

Information regarding the Bologna meeting (November 23-25, 2010) can be found on IC0902 website following the link "Future Meetings".

Join us in Bologna!

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September 29, 2010 IC0902 Action news by Action Chair

On September 23 the FCC a new Memorandum Opinion and Order (MO&O) dealing with white spaces access regulation. Read more on the official FCC News release at:

You can find the MO&O on the FCC website.

The interesting aspect is the availability of a chunk of frequencies for unlicensed use.

The second aspect refers to the absence of sensing, where access is managed based on geolocation of devices combined with information stored in a data-base.

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First International Conference on Advances in Cognitive Radio (COCORA) 2011

September 16, 2010 IC0902 Action news by Action Chair

The First International Conference on Advances in Cognitive Radio (COCORA) 2011

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Important information on white spaces regulation by FCC

September 15, 2010 IC0902 Action news by Action Chair

Important information on FCC regulation activities on white spaces by Action IC0905 Chair, Arturas Medeisis, and Vice Chair, Oliver Holland


Dear colleagues,

A bit of news regarding regulatory developments on White Spaces in the USA and Europe.

In the USA, the FCC is considering updates to TV White Space regulations at their next meeting later this month ( Rumours abound, transparent also from the language of some of proponents of unlicensed White Space Device (WSD) applications such as WiFi (, that the FCC is seriously considering permitting operation of WSDs without the spectrum sensing requirement (i.e., only using the geo-location database). There are mutterings that there are many representations against this, with some people even threatening to sue. Needless to say, it is quite possible that the FCC meeting on the 23rd September will set a critical precedent.

Meanwhile in Europe, there are strong signs that Ofcom in the UK may follow the FCC’s example. Moreover, Europe’s CEPT ECC Project team SE43 is finalizing their draft ECC Report on technical and operational requirements for WSDs. To read the draft (along with some other interesting SE43 working documents) you can visit, and proceed to select group SE43 (disregard the username/password box), then the SE43#7 meeting. The draft report is in sub-folder TempDocs, filed under the reference “Temp2R2” and its executive summary and conclusions in separate document named “Temp8”. Interestingly enough, in the context of FCC deliberations, the draft ECC report also notes current doubts in regulatory circles as regards reliability of spectrum sensing in autonomous WSD deployment, therefore one could only wonder what would be the eventual ECC decision and how it might be impacted by the FCC ruling.

Naturally, we shall follow all these developments closely and may be discussing the outcomes at future meetings as well as a possible honing of research directions.

Best regards,

Arturas Medeisis & Oliver Holland

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Welcome to Czech Republic

September 03, 2010 IC0902 Action news by Action Chair

The Management Committee of Cost Action IC0902 has unanimously approved participation of Czech Republic.

A very warm welcome!


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MoU between IC0902 and WInnF

September 01, 2010 IC0902 Action news by Action Chair

Hello everybody,

I am glad to let you know that the Memorandum of Understanding between COST IC0902 and the Wireless Innovation FOrum (WInnF) has been signed by both parties, in particular for WInnF by CEO Lee Pucker and for IC0902 by Chair Maria-Gabriella Di Benedetto.

Dr. Keith Nolan ( is our liaison officer  for this MoU.

Keith will coordinate the work between COST IC0902 and WInnF and provide reports on activities at the relevant meetings of both parties. Thank you Keith.

Looking forward to a fruitful and rewarding collaboration ahead.


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Newsletter launched

July 26, 2010 IC0902 Action news by Action Chair

Hi Cognitive peers

Cost Action IC0902 Newsletter is launched.

Many thanks to our editor, Adrian Kliks, for his time and effort.

You can find the first issue by clicking on the newsletter link, on the home page.

If you want to subscribe please go ahead and follow the link on that same page.

Comments and feedback  will be most welcome.

Hope you will enjoy the reading.




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July 22, 2010 IC0902 Action news by Action Chair

Welcome to our IC0902 blog!!

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